Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation | Law Office of Jessie Lyons Crawford LLC - Baltimore, MD

Workers compensation offers support and financial assistance to workers who are injured on the job. Dealing with dangerous machinery or toxic chemicals puts workers in certain industries at constant risk. From construction and landscaping to scientific research and engineering, some industries are dangerous regardless of how safe an employee is.

Workers compensation provides for on-the-job injuries when they are caused by simple accidents. Sometimes, however, an employer knowingly puts employees at risk for injury and harm by creating or allowing an unsafe working environment.

The Law Office of Jessie Lyons Crawford LLC can help you determine whether your workplace injury was the result of a simple accident or negligence. In most cases, a simple accident leads to workers compensation award that helps to pay the bills while an employee is unable to work. In limited cases, though, an employer has knowingly allowed an employee to get hurt. In these situations, a lawsuit may need to be filed on the employee’s behalf.

By scheduling an initial, free consultation, the Law Office of Jessie Lyons Crawford LLC can help you decide if your case requires a simple workers compensation claim or a more detailed lawsuit. In any case, you need an attorney who understands employment and workers compensation law in Baltimore, MD, and who can help you navigate the jargon and technicalities.

Choose the Law Office of Jessie Lyons Crawford LLC for a workers compensation attorney who can help you explore your rights and determine whether you have a claim to file a lawsuit. I will also provide further information about how to claim your workers compensation award. For immediate assistance, drop by my office during business hours for your personalized consultation.

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